Thursday Jun 20, 2019

Matthew Johnson

Political Director Marsy's Law for Wisconsin

Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin – Victim rights

Scribe: Ron Schlitt Editor: Fred Wittenberger

Under Marsy’s Law, the California Constitution article I, § 28, section (b) now provides victims with the following enumerated rights: To be treated with fairness and respect for his or her privacy and dignity, and to be free from intimidation, harassment, and abuse, throughout the criminal or juvenile justice process.

The campaign has its origins in the story of Marsy Nicholas, who was murdered by an ex-boyfriend in California in 1983. Just a week after the murder, Henry Nicholas and Marcella Leach, Marsy’s brother and mother, ran into him while he was out on bail. … He called the initiative Marsy’s Law.

Marigrace reported that so far 11 states have passed Marsy’s law with 5-6 more states in the process of passing the legislation.  Wisconsin is one of the states in the process of passing the legislation.  At this time, 100 million people are protected in individual states due to the passage of the law.

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