Thursday Jan 7, 2021

John Rettler

Owner Tin Valley Farm Tin Valley Farm

Tin Valley Farm – Making Cheese

Scribe: Ron Schlitt Editor: Fred Wittenberger Introduced by: Mary Brodzeller

Loni Jaeger introduced our program speaker, John Rettler from Tin Valley Farms.  He had photos of his family run farm operation.  The family business started in 1998.  Three of his four sons and his daughter-in-law Bree are involved in the business.  In 2017, he built a new state of the art computer operated natural flow barn with 4 robots used for milking the herd of 240 cows.  They own 600 acres and rent another 500 acres.  They grow wheat, oats, hay, and corn.  Utilizing the robots, the cows can be milked 2 to 8 times a day 24/7.  He also spoke about the family cheese business that started recently.  They sell four types of cheeses -Quesadilla, Farmers, Munster, Mild Brick – at local farmer’s markets.  You can also purchase their cheese at Albrechts in Delafield and at the new Mexican store in Hartford.

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