Thursday Feb 4, 2021

Bob Cobleigh

Director RU Recovery Chapter RU Recovery

R U Recovery Hartford Chapter

Scribe: Ron Schlitt Editor: Fred Wittenberger Introduced by: Mary Brodzeller

Betsy Wittenberger introduced our program speaker, Bob Cobleigh, from RU Recovery.  Bob is a semi-retired business owner now focusing on various addiction issues of the Hartford community, utilizing the extra time freed up from 40 years of business development and travel.

RU Recovery is a faith-based addiction recovery program consisting of 2800 chapters in the United States and 33 countries.  A RU Recovery chapter recently opened in Hartford servicing the Hartford community and Washington County.

RU Recovery meets every Friday night from 7 to 9 pm at Hartford Bible Church.  Anyone is welcome to attend and connect with others wanting to grow in their faith and ultimately transform their lives from addictions and undesirable behaviors to serving God and others through the Word of God.

Stories of victory are shared, groups and individuals are personally counseled from God’s Word, and lessons are taught on overcoming temptation. Childcare and programs for children allow RU to benefit the entire family.

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