Thursday Jun 3, 2021

Gloria Werner

Ambassador for Versiti - Donate Life Versiti Donate Life

Our Journey from tragedy through Organ Donation

Scribe: Ron Schlitt Editor: Fred Wittenberger Introduced by: Colleen Baus

Colleen Baus introduced our program speaker Gloria Werner.  She presented a program entitled “Two Families Are Bonded By One Heart.  Gloria explained how her family’s life changed drastically after the tragic death of her son Cade.  Her family’s journey from tragedy through organ donation has led her to be an ambassador for Versiti/Donate Life.  After Cade’s death in an automobile accident, five of his organs were donated.  Through Cade’s donation, 4 other lives were saved.  A young child received Cade’s heart and the families have met and are very active in promoting the significance of organ donations.  On Mother’s Day each year, the “Play for Cade” fundraiser takes place.  Through this fundraiser, $30,000 has been raised for organ donation and another $50,000 has been raised for area scholarships.

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