Thursday Feb 6, 2020

Jay Triick

Veterinarian VIM-Methodist Church Missions

Mujila Falls Agriculture Center, Zambia, Africa

Scribe: Ron Schlitt

Jay Trick and his wife Victoria presented a program on the Mujila Falls Agricultural Center in Zambia, Africa.  Paul Webster started the farm in 2000.  The farm is supported by the United Methodist Church.  Jay and Victoria traveled to Zambia to work with the Lunda tribe ten years ago.  The purpose of the program is to teach farming techniques to this very primitive and rural tribe.  In ten years, the tribe has made great strides in agricultural production.  Today they grow soybeans, rhubarb, and strawberries.  Oxen are used to help with the planting and weeding.  The tribe raises rabbits and chickens to produce eggs.  They are also taught about capitalism.

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