Thursday Jul 11, 2019

Paul Stephans

Fire & Rescue Chief Hartford Fire & Rescue

Hartford Fire and Rescue Department Update

Betsy Wittenberger introduced Paul Stephans, Hartford Fire Department Chief.  He presented a program on the Hartford Fire and EMS department.

  • The Hartford Fire Department was founded in 1863.  The department is rated in the top 15% in the nation.  It serves an area of approximately 64 square miles and a population of 25,000.
  • The Hartford Ambulance service was founded in 1976 as part of a bicentennial project for the city of Hartford.  At the present time, it operates at the Advanced Level. The goal is to have the service reach the Paramedic Level.
  • It is very expensive to run this department.  Paul listed some of the new equipment ordered and purchased recently.  New Fire Engine ($545,000), New Tanker Truck ($290,000), New Breathing Air Compressor ($60,000), 54 sets of new breathing equipment ($360,000).
  • They invoice approximately $1 million per year for ambulance service runs.

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