Thursday Jan 21, 2021

Ane Ohm and Teri Kermendy

Staffing specialist, Communications director Staffing Support Specialists, Hartford Union High School

Classification Talks

Scribe: Ron Schlitt Editor: Fred Wittenberger Introduced by: Loni Jaeger

PROGRAM:  Ane Ohm and Teri Kermendy gave their classification talks today.

Ane has 2 children and has been married for 27 years.  She enjoys animals and got a rescue dog 3 weeks ago.  Her family moved to Hartford 25 years ago.  They are very involved at St. Kilian Church.  For many years, Ane worked for Strong Mutual Funds.  She bought Staffing Support Specialists from Pat Frank several years ago.  She also owns a 2nd virtual company that sells software nationwide.  All employees work from home.  Ane envisions that one day this company will grow into a multimillion-dollar venture.  In September, they purchased the Millstream building on Main Street and plan to move Staffing Support Specialists to that location later this year.  Her business will be upstairs allowing them to rent out the rest of the building to other businesses.  Ane is thinking about turning part of the building into a Brew Pub.

Teri Kermendy is a 1993 graduate of Hartford Union High School.  She earned her undergraduate degree from UW-Stevens Point and her masters degree from Keller Graduate School.  They live in Richfield and her children attended school in the Slinger district.  Her husband travels a great deal and that has allowed her to see the world accompanying him on several business trips.  Before becoming the Director of Communications at HUHS in 2018, she worked for many years as a marketing consultant for Ralph Marlin and McDermott Q.  She has also taught college-level marketing courses.  She enjoys her job at Hartford and believes HUHS is a great school with wonderful programs for students in the Greater Hartford Community.

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