Changing of the Guard
Working Pyramid of Hartford Rotary Club AVENUES OF SERVICE

2018-19 Officers
President – Mark Wolbrink President Elect – Tim Algiers Vice President – Steve Volkert Secretary – Ron Schlitt Treasurer – Steve Volkert Past President – Peter Wilk
2018-19 Board of Directors


Director – John Spielmann Director – Dale Anderson Director – Colleen Baus Director – Janean Handel Director – Dave Wolbrink Director- Tim Algiers

World Affairs Seminar

Chair – Ron Schlitt

Julie Wilk, Penny Jo Zagel

Teacher of the Year

Chair – Ron Schlitt

Scott Helms

Gazebo Rotary Park

Chair – Gretchen Vickney

Colleen Baus, Dane Schepp, Loni Jaeger

Wine Tasting

Co-Chair – Loni Jaeger, Janean Handel

Penny Jo Zagel, Melissa Richards, Julie Wilk, Dawn Bondus, Colleen Baus

Meeting Programs

Chair – Joe Konrad

Mark Smits

Induction Ceremonies

Chair – Mike Mally

R I Foundation 

Chair – Fred Wittenberger


Chair – Ron Schlitt

John Spielmann, Dale Anderson, Julie Wilk, Scott Helms

Grant Request

Chair – T.B.D.

Rotary B&G Club Golf Outing

Chair – Scott Moore

Fred Wittenberger, Matt Schwechel, Ron Schlitt, Tom Doubleday,

Greeter & HS Pick Up

Chair – Scott Helms

Mark Smits

Corporate – Business Invitation Program

Chair – Dave Wolbrink

Tom Doubleday


Clean Water & Sanitation 

Chair – Dave Wolbrink

Honors Academic Recognition Program

Chair – Ron Schlitt

Julie Wilk


Chair – Julie Wilk

Loni Jaeger

Packer Raffle

Chair – Fred Wittenberger

Dane Schepp, Penny Jo Zagel


Chair – Betsy Wittenberger

Loni Jaeger, Colleen Baus, Janean Handel


Personal New Member Invitation Program

Chair – Dave Wolbrink

Guatemala Medical & Scholarships 

Chair – Peter Wilk

Dave Wolbrink, Greg Ledesma

Youth Foreign Exchange

Chair – John Spielmann

Tom Doubleday, Betsy Wittenberger, Colleen Baus, Penny Jo Zagel

Grapes, Hops & Greens Golf Outing

Chair – Janean Handel

Betsy Wittenberger


Chair – Mike Mally

John Spielmann

Social Media for New Members and Club Promotion

Chair – Erin Wilk

Melissa Richards

Polio Plus Fundraising

Chair – Tim Algiers

Mike Mally

Youth Exchange Weekend

Chair- Tom Doubleday

Club Support – Web Page

Chair – T.B.D.

Game of Skill & Birthday Raffle

Chair – Mark Wolbrink

Janean Handel

Sergeant at Arms

Chair – Mark Smits

Jeff Millikin

Paul Harris Fellowship

Chair – Tim Purman

Fireside Chats

Chair – Matt Schwechel

Nominating Committee (past three presidents) Dave Groves, Matt Schwechel, Penny Jo Zagel


Chair – Ron Schlitt