Exchange Students

2019-20 Rotary Inbound Exchange Student

Meet Lennard, the Hartford Rotary exchange student for the 2019-2020 school year. He is from the city of Plauen Germany, in the state of Saxony.

Lennard arrived in Hartford late August,  just in time to start school at Hartford Union High School and will be staying until mid- summer 2020.

At home in Germany, he has ventured away from his mom, Odette,  dad , Udo and his little sister Florentine. Lennard’s father owns and operates a hotel and restaurant in their home town and his mother is a secretary. Lennard is also away from his favorite cat, Sammy. In Germany, he has studied English, Spanish, Latin, math and biology. His favorite classes are history, English and art.

Lennard has had the opportunity to travel to Italy, Spain, France and Egypt on summer trips with his family. His favorite activity is downhill skiing and he takes an annual trip to Austria with his family to enjoy the snow in the Alps. He also has a keen interest in computers, especially virtual reality applications.

Once he finishes high school, Lennard hopes to go to college in the USA and is considering a career in IT or journalism.

Currently, Lennard is living with his first of 3 host families in Hartford. He is fortunate to have 3 host brothers and 1 host sister, although one of the brothers is off at college, which left room for Lennard to find a place to sleep.

Other than the academic courses at the high school, Lennard is also in the chorus and joined the ski team. Lennard landed a part in the cast of the fall musical, “Shrek”, at HUHS and will be playing the part of Baby Shrek.

When asked about his interests, other than skiing, he said, “I have a thirst for information that kicks in as I find interest in a topic, especially historical and political subjects.” As far as particular dislikes he says “the only thing I can think of is spiders, which I do not get along with”

After spending about 8 months with his first two host families, Lennard will spend his last 3-4 months with a 3rd family. We are currently searching for a volunteer family to host Lennard from April through his departure in July 2020. If your family is interested in exploring this unique opportunity, please contact Mark Lindborg, the Hartford Rotary Exchange Director, at 262-689-7960 or