Exchange Students

2017-18 Rotary Inbound Exchange Student

Hartford Rotary’s Inbound Rotary Exchange Student for the 2017-18 school year is 16-year-old Faza from Surabaya, Indonesia.

Faza arrived here September 3rd, after a day-and-a-half of flights from Indonesia, Tokyo, and Dallas. He will be with us, and a student at Hartford Union High School, until mid- to late-summer 2018.

Faza’s first family lives on the north side of Hartford. He has one host sister Addison, and an older brother Asher, a student at UW-Madison.  Right around Christmas, Faza will move to be with his second host family who live in the Town of Rubicon. Faza will also have a senior “sister” Kylie at his second host family so Faza is fortunate to have sisters to help with his transportation needs.

Rotary exchange students often spend time with three families, so another potential volunteer host family is sought for the period beginning late in March well into summer when Faza will have a chance to take a bus tour with other Inbound Rotary Exchange Students from the Midwest to a number of different destinations throughout the U.S.

Interested host families for late spring are asked to contact any of three Hartford Rotarians:  Scott Helms at HUHS (262-670-3228), John Spielmann (262-224-0770) or Ron Schlitt (262-689-9903).  The initial contact does not constitute a commitment, only interest in pursuing a Host Family opportunity but without any financial involvement in a Rotary Summer Tour.

Faza arrived in the U.S. with a good grasp of American English gained in part from watching U.S. movies on TV.  He soon will be super-fluent. He also is adept at computer games and is looking forward to being involved in Robotics Competition at the high school. He would later like to be involved in computer programming at the university level.

Faza is an only child of a single mother working for the Customs Department of the Indonesian Government. In Indonesia he lived only 200 yards from his school, so being miles from school with other teenagers in the home are exciting new opportunities for Faza. He also is adept at card tricks, and enjoys soccer and being involved with other students attending extra-curricular events. His school schedule includes courses in Intro to Engineering, Marketing, Modern American History, Computer Science, Astronomy, Algebra 2, and Minorities and Prejudice.