Exchange Students

2016-17 Rotary Inbound Exchange Student

I’m Tomas I was born in La Plata, Argentina. The city where I live is called Chivilcoy and it’s around 90 thousand of population. The bigger difference between my city and Hartford is the temperature, our winter is around 45 degrees when in Hartford is around 20 degrees.

About my family: I have divorced parents that I love so much and each of them have a new relationship. My dad Claudio has another wife and together they have a little daughter who I have the pleasure to call my little sister Sofia who is 5 years old. My dad is an architect and he has his own architecture study. The wife of my dad also has 2 kids which are my step brother Tomas and my step sister Valentina who was and exchange student in Cody, Wyoming.

My mum Andrea is also an architect who works in the municipality of my city and she has a really cool boyfriend who is like a father for me. My mum and I live in a house in the middle of the city and we love each other. Recently my mum came to visit me with her sister Lilian, my aunt. We went to New York and Chicago and we had a good time.

In Argentina I go to a small school of 800 people which is called Misericordia. I decided be an exchange student because I had the pleasure to host a guy from Germany and I discovered how many opportunities I can have being a young person, so I decided sing up for Rotary and then my life changed, a lot of friends from the world and a new home in Hartford with a lot of friends and cool people

My goals for my future is go to college in Argentina and make another exchange year in a country of Europe, I didn’t decide what I want to study but I have couple of ideas related with music, cinema or animation.