Exchange Students

2014-15 Rotary Outbound/Inbound Exchange Students

Our Outbound Exchange Student, Kristin, is from Rubicon. She has a keen interest in travel and looks upon the student exchange program as an opportunity to meet new people, experience a new culture, and learn a new language. Kristin wanted to go to a Spanish speaking country. She will be living next year in Seville, Spain, which is located about 40 minutes from the Mediterranean Sea.  Se went through several extensive interviews and orientation programs in order to be accepted as an Outbound Exchange student. She will be leaving for Spain on September 3rd. Her first day of school is September 15th. When she returns next year, Kristin will give another presentation to the club on her experiences in Spain.



Welcome to our Inbound Exchange Student Maria Luisa! The Hartford Rotary Club is pleased to have Maria Luisa as our exchange student for the 2014-15 school year. She joins us from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Her nickname is Malu (by which she prefers to be called). Maria Luisa loves music—she has played the classical guitar since she was 12 years old. In Brazil, she is a student at FUNDEC Sorocaba, an institution of music and theater. Her trip to the United States is her first time traveling outside of Brazil. She loves dogs and is proud of her ability to speak a second language fluently. After high school she wants to attend college to study medicine. She looks forward to this year as an opportunity to meet other people, experience other cultures, and grow as an individual—she wants to make a difference.

The Hartford Rotary Club is still looking for a host family for Maria Luisa for the second semester. We are also looking for host families for the 2015-16 school year. If you’re interested in hosting, or for more information please contact Brenda Johnston at or 262-670-0560 ext. 202.